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-- you can't watch that on the c-span2. live coverage of that meeting on c-span2. >> this week, president obama made a number of nominations to his cabinet, including the current white house chief of staff, jack lew, to head up the treasury department. >> ladies and gentlemen, the president of the united states, accompanied by secretary timothy geiger and mr. jacob lew. >> good afternoon, everybody. please have a seat. a little more than four years ago, i stood with mr. tim geithner and denounced him as my first nominee to my cabinet. we were barely two months into the financial crisis. the stock market had greater and the housing market had cratered as well. bank after bank was on the verge of collapse. worst of all, more than 800,000 americans would lose their jobs in just that month. and the bottom was not yet in sight. i could not blamed him when he tried to tell me he was not the right guy for the job. [applause] but i knew that his extensive experience with economic policy made him qualified. i knew he could hit the ground running. he had just spent several sleepless and chaotic wee
are indeed ethical and just. >>> also this week, obama chose his chief of staff jack lew, an orthodox jew, to head the treasury department. >>> plans are being completed for president obama's second inaugural, but controversy has already prompted a change. atlanta evangelical pastor louie giglio was selected to give the benediction, but he bowed out after some activist groups criticized a sermon he gave in the 1990s against homosexuality. giglio said he didn't want the uproar to become a distraction. myrlie evers-williams, widow of slain civil rights leader medgar evers, will deliver the invocation. as he did four years ago, president obama will use abraham lincoln's bible when he takes the oath of office. and this time, he will also use a bible of reverend martin luther king, jr. 2013 marks the 50th anniversary of king's march on washington and the 150th anniversary of the emancipation proclamation. >>> washington's national cathedral announced this week that it will begin performing same-sex marriages, effective immediately. the cathedral's dean gary hall admitted that gay marriage is a
, and the first vietnam veteran to lead the department. >> president obama announced this week his choice for secretary of defense. former two-term senator from nebraska, chuck hagel. get this. unlike president obama, the democrat, hagel is a republican. hagel voted for the war in iraq in 2003. senator hagel became a vocal critic of the war's management. also, israel backers are incensed by senator hagel's words really israel. hagel said, "the jewish lobby intimidates a lot of people up here. not an israeli senator." republican senator lindsey graham is no fan of chuck hagel. >> chuck hagel, if confirmed to be secretary of defense, would be the most an tag aning to antagonistic. he has said not only must we negotiate with hamas this is an in your face nomination to all of us who are supportive of israel. >> anti-hagel television ads are now airing. >> while president obama says all options are on the table for prevent ago nuclear iran, hagel says military action is not a viable, feasible responsible option. president obama, secretary of defense chuck hagel is not a responsible option. >>
of the performers and we were talking about beyonce earlier last week. major obama supporter. then we have kelly clarkson. she is a ron paul supporter. >> she is. when the president calls and says please come sing i think you definitely want to perform. you have james taylor and the kids concert, alisha keys, john legend, usher, smoky robinson, the cast of "glee." >> plans on the ground, talk about that. i remember four years ago you couldn't move. you had to get out of your bed at 3:00 a.m. to get down to the mall in time because even the subways were so full. what do they expect this time around? >> last time it was 1.8 million people. this time around they are expecting around 600,000 to 800,000 people. it will be smaller but no less grand. i think obviously d.c. is really preparing for all of those things and you have to prepare early. hopefully there won't be problems trying to get into the gates like there was last time for the swearing in ceremony and then we had the ticket master drama. >> the tickets are supposed to be free but now people are able to buy them as much as 2 grand on ebay
. >> chris: president obama this week announcing a faster time table forgetting out of afghanistan. and it is time for our sunday group. brit hume, fox news senior political analyst. bob woodward of the washington post and author of the book the price of politics. bill kristol of the weekly standard and former democratic senator evan bayh. the president made it clear this week if it is not a rush for the eastboundities in afghanistan it is -- exits in afghanistan it is a brisk walk in that direction, brit. he sped up the time table for moving from a lead combat role to an advisory mission and all signs are he will commit fewer troops to afghanistan after 2014 than u.s. commanders want. question, or two questions. what do you make of that and what do you make of all this talk as we discuss with the two senators about pursuing a light footprint foreign policy in the second term? >> i hope the president is right. i hope we are near the moment where as he suggests where we can say mission accomplished in afghanistan and al-qaeda can never run free here again and use afghanistan as a ba
-ins are in the capital today, rehearsing for next week's second inauguration of barack obama barack obama. athena jones is in washington to give us a sneak preview, hello. i guess they started early and i suppose they're trying to make sure they work out all the kinks, you don't want to have anything go wrong on the big day, do you. >> certainly not, you think every four years they'll try to get it right. today we've seen fife and drums, military bands, we've seen people standing in for the vice president and for president obama, as well as the first lady. and two young girls standing in for sasha and mallia to make it as close to how they expect it to be as possible next week. there's a lot of excitement here in town. we had a chance to speak with the president of the chamber of commerce about some of their expectations, let's listen. >> what we're hearing is anywhere from 600,000 to 800,000 people coming into the city. you compare that to 2008, 2009, 2008 election, 2009 inauguration, it was almost two million. 1.8. those of us in the business community would love to see two million people in our city
for obstruction 2.0 once president obama is sworn in next week? msnbc contributor ari melber has an interesting take on that and joins us right now. want to hear it. >> as you said, a week from tomorrow, president obama will deliver that inaugural address, a time to outline a governing philosophy that will guide the next term but this is a little different. obama faces a gop opposition that's not only opposed to the his governing philosophy, many republicans are increasingly opposed to governing itself. take a look at the republican actions just recently since obama was re-elected. they pushed the economy to the edge of the fiscal cliff and they threatened to make the u.s. go into default or shut down the government if they don't get policy concessions. they fiercely oppose potential picks for obama's cabinet from susan rice, of course, to people who withdrew to people who had strong gop support up until they were affiliated with president obama like chuck hagel and jack lew and republicans delayed 85% of the planned relief funding for hurricane sandy. that, of course, drew a strong rebuke from
my column in this week's "time" magazine. let's get started. >>> when president obama chose the conservative republican for the post of defense secretary, you might not have expected opposition from the right, but you would have been wrong. while many conservatives support hagel's nomination, there is spirited opposition from the right. perhaps the first public opposition to chuck hagel was a column in "wall street journal" by its foreign affairs columnist bret stephens. he leveled a charge against the former senator, one of the first full throated defenses of hagel came in the "daily beast" from the editor of that website's blog and the author of the "crisis of zionism." joining me now bret stephens and peter beinart. brett, let's start with you, you essentially accused chuck hagel of being an anti-semite. >> i said there was an odor of prejudice. >> what evidence do you have thats is the case? >> he had this famous statement that i'm sure you heard several times by now about the jewish lobby intimidating a lot of people. a lot of that discussion about that quote had to do
debated story in washington this week, rg3 and his wounded knee, and washington's broken hearts. captioned by the national captioning institute hello, i'm mark shields, sitting in this week for bordon peterson. president obama did not have to look very far to find his new treasury secretary, jack lew. at the announcement, the president and outgoing treasury secretary timothy geithner. >> our economy is better positioned for tomorrow than most of those other countries hit by the financial crisis. the tough decisions tim made and carried out deserve a lot of credit for that. i understand that tim is ready for a break. obviously, we are sad to see him go, but i cannot think of a better person to continue tim 's work at treasury than jack lew. >> unlike most treasury secretaries, jack lew earn his stripes and a washington and not wall street. he worked for tip o'neill in the 1970's and 1980's, and was clinton's: the director in the 1990's. evan, what does this tell us about the physical fights ahead? >> the good news is that he knows washington bit bad news is that he will d
the president this week and president obama held a conference with him talked about the progress in the war in afghanistan ahead of the u.s. withdrawal planned for 2014. their press conference lasted about 40 minutes. so mr. president welcome. we meet at a critical moment. the 33,000 additional forces that i ordered to afghanistan have served with honor, they've completed their mission and as promised returned home this past fall. the transition is well under way and soon nearly 90% of afghans will live in areas where afghanistan forces are be in the lead for their own security. this year will mark another milestone. afghan forces will take the lead for security across the entire country and by the end of next year, 2014, the transition will be complete. afghans will have full responsibility for their security and this war will come to a responsible end. this progress is only possible because of the incredible sacrifices of our troops and our diplomats, the forces of our many coalition partners, and the afghan people who have endured extraordinary hardship. in this war more than 2,000 of am
, rehearsals are under way for president obama's inauguration parade a week from tomorrow. close to the white house, the party has already begun. ♪ >> thousands and thousands of americans will make their way into d.c. over the next couple of weeks. >> with
here. and on sunday, looking all the way ahead to the end of the week. president obama's inauguration on noon at sunday. this is a private swearing in before the big festivities on monday. i will be in washington, d.c., all weekend covering it and covering all the celebrations, as well. it will all be live right here on cnn. >>> and we mentioned newtown and as that one month mark from the shooting at newtown approaches, the community is reflecting on the tragedy. cnn's national correspondent susan candiotti has more. >> good morning, randi. wounds remain fresh here in newtown, yet the community continues to find ways to help each other heal. the touching memorials we all became so familiar with are gone. but they will serve a new purpose. toys, candles, handmade signs and more are being mulched and preserved and will become part of a new permanent memorial one day. meanwhile, a makeshift memorial marked lie a large american flag has been set up alongside one of newtown's main roads. we have been asked to keep a respectful distance, and we are. created by a local businessman. a lot of
.k. corral fight over raising the debt ceiling in a few weeks. president obama has already said he will not negotiate on raising the debt ceiling. here's what he said. >> i will not have another debate with this congress over whether or not they should pay the bills that they've already racked up through the laws that they passed. let repeat. we can't not pay bills that we've already incurred. >> and here's the response he got the next day from republican senator pat toomey of pennsylvania. >> our opportunity here is on the debt ceiling. the president's made it very clear; he doesn't even want to have a discussion about it, because he knows this is where we have leverage. we republicans need to be willing to tolerate a temporary partial government shutdown, which is what that could mean, and insist that we get off the road to greece, because that's the road we're on right now. we only can solve this problem by getting spending under control and restructuring the entitlement programs. there is no tax solution to this. it's a spending solution. and if this president doesn't want to
. we are just a week away from the inauguration. and president obama's no doubt well along in composing his address. will he make one for history? will the model for most of americans what many consider the greatest speech in american history is abraham lincoln's second inaugural. lincoln spoke to the great divisions the country faced then. toward the end of the civil war. here's a diagramization. >> with malice toward none, with charity for all, with firmness in the right as god gives us to see the right. let us strive on to finish the work we are in. to bind up the nation's wounds. to care for him who shall have born the battle and for his widow and his orphan. to do all which may achieve and cherish a just and lasting peace among ourselves. chris: liz, we got divisions but nothing like the civil war. 600,000 people dead. but this -- will the president offer a unified theme or laundry list in this inaugural? >> i think it's safe to say that he's going to try to find some kind of uniting theme to bring the country together. and to create a sense of purpose, common purpose in this speec
expected to take a big step next week when vice president joe biden will present president obama with his plan on how to reduce gun violence. the vice president wrapping up a week of meetings with the entertainment industry, video game makers and the national rifle association. so what recommendations could we see? peter doocy with the news tonight from washington. >> harris, the vice president gave us a very specific example on friday of an event being kicked around by the task force leading trying to reduce gun violence similar from the james bond movie sky fall thrmpleghts is a lot could change if, for example, every gun purchased could only be fired by the person who purchased it. literally would be unable to be fired that technology exists but extremely expensive. ideas like that don't sit well with the national rifle association who emerged from a meeting with the vice president this week under the impression that the administration is seeking to attack the second amendment. gun control has been a failed experiment. joe biden pushed a gun ban through in 1994 and bill clinton's justi
. >>> finally today on the east side of capitol hill, rehearsals are under way for president obama's inauguration parade a week from tomorrow. but closer to the white house the party has already begun. ♪ >> thousands and thousands of americans will make their way into d.c. over the next couple of weeks. >> with a marching band and
, of course, host of "democracy now." >>> this week president obama anoupsed three cabinet nominations all white men. the five departures which as of wednesday include hilda solace to our males. the appointments have called into question the president's commitment to diversity in his second term, concerns by a mick kmur in "the new york times" on tuesday, showing president obama last month in the oval office surrounded by his closest advisers discussing fiscal cliff negotiations. 1 of 11 is a woman, valerie jarrett who's leg is barely visible. that picture is not fully illustrative of the president's record. according to the "new york times" 43% of mr. obama's appointees have been women. that's roughly the same as clinton and one-third more than george w. bush and he's nominated female judges at twice the rate of president bush and more women, minority and gay judges than any previous president has. on wednesday, white house press secretary jay carney defend tornado president's record. >> the president's senior staff here is well -- women are well recommended in the president's senior staf
week. already getting set as you can see for the inauguration of president obama happening on sunday there. we will be there live. this show will be there saturday and sunday mornings, so we hope you will join us. >>> the u.s. treasury department will not mint a $1 trillion platinum coin to avoid default ing on the nation's debt. for weeks people have speculated that the coin could be a loophole if congress does not pass the debt ceiling. . it has been less than one month since the tragic shooting at sandy hook elementary in connecticut and the country is deeply divided over the issue of gun control, and the deadline is approaching for vice president joe biden to representative his recommendations to the president which should happen tuesday. cnn's candy crowley is taking up the debate in today's "state of the union" and candy, i understand that you have a pretty outspoken guest on the show. >> well, a couple of them. david keene who is the president of the national rifle association and also we will talk to the new senator from connecticut chris murphy and i spoke to him a month ago
the country. every weekday from 3:00 to 6:00. we'll have great show next week, in the meantime, i do hope to hear you on the radio. we will see you next week. >> good evening. i m. lowrie rothman. america's longest war is closer to an end. obama set in motion a reversal of policy to negotiate with terrorists. you heard correctly that includes talking to a group that is accused of aiding international terrorist. that was at a joint news conference today with a news conference with karzai. both are putting there support for the support role this spring and reconciliation talks with the television. >> ultimately security gains should be matched with political progress of real reconciliation progress with the afghan government and television. president karzai updated me on the road map to peace and we agreed the process we should open the television office to facilitate talks. >> but the readiness of the army is closed but they're showing that they're able to operate without the assistance of the u.s. and violence is higher than the surge from two years ago. also insider tax last year there w
of other things. we'll do that on page 2. i'll be back in a minute. >> schieffer: broke's barack obama second term begins next week. it's like a second wedding brings excitement, great expectations in fairy tale settings. the second time reality sets in. all involved and learns nothing is quite as easy as once thought. even so, i can't remember approaching inaugural week feeling there was less excitement in the air. the fight over the fiscal cliff was so distasteful and ridiculous it left me wondering not so much about the possibilities of the next four years but whether our political system is so broken and our politicians so inept that they, we actually are no longer capable of solving our problems. the nation remains deeply divided. the president won re-election nor did congress thanks to the power of incumbents to raise money and gerrymander districts. most of the old crowd has returned to a gallop poll that gives them a 14% approval rating. at one point during the iraq war, george bush's people unfullerred the banner saying the mission accomplished a declaration proved famously pr
, but this is the week i discovered a president who sized up an opposition party that was very weak. this was the week that barack obama came in peace to rip our constitution to pieces. welcome, everybody, i'm neil cavuto, and i know, i know, i know what you're thinking, neil's lost. you might be right on that, but i know i'm not wrong, not one bit. now, again, i know that sounds mad, but a lot of folks are mad, very mad at a president increasingly willing to bypass congress and bypass something else, the constitution, to get what he wants whenever he wants it and get it fast. just read this week's i'll call 'em takeover tea leaves. vice president joe biden saying the president is exploring executive orders to combat gun violence to, essentially, confiscate guns. the second amendment be damned. the same president we're told now considering executive actions to enact climate change measures, those opposed be damned. and timely to this whole debt debate going on in washington, the same president who supported saying the constitution allows him to raise the debt ceiling on his own, again, congress be dam
, rehearsing for next week's second inauguration of barack obama and vice president joe biden. and athena jones now joins us live from washington. and athena, it seems they really wanted to make it look like the real thing, especially when you look at the stand-ins and detail they went to. >> it was a full dress rehearsal done in realtime, you saw the fife and drum band playing, the marine band, members of the military matching in formation and those stand-ins you mentioned for president obama and the first lady, for vice president biden and even two young girls there to stand in for sasha and malia. folks are saying that the people standing in for the first couple actually resemble the first couple. we'd chance to speak with them and the woman who is standing in for the first lady said she tried harness a little bit of michelle obama's style so i think they had some fun with it today, martin. >> i'm sure they did. let's talk about crowds, the first time of the inauguration was historic, it is still historic, i'm wondering, will the crowds be the same? >> we asked the chamber of commerce about
in this -- in these debates, not the debt ceiling debate, not the fiscal debate. a couple of weeks ago, right after nancy pelosi came out and said that she would back something similar to what obama was backing, the chained cpi scenario for social security, which would have reduced payments for future beneficiaries -- we have been watching week by week. suddenly, you were not quite as vocal in your opposition to that. is that an indication you would support something like that in the grand bargain you are looking for? >> first, i have deeper spec for nancy pelosi, our leader in the house. she has -- deep respect for nancy pelosi, our leader in the house. she has worked hard on issues like climate change. the entire issue of trying to get the in dash -- get the economy going -- she is trying to move us forward. in working with the president, she was trying to help us get to a long-term solution, which i have mentioned before. she said she would consider the chain cpi, a cut in benefits for seniors, for veterans, for a lot of people who receive earned benefits. social security has not contributed a dime to
recommendation to president obama later this week. former secretary of state colin powell and senator joe manchin both weighing in today. >> i'm a gun owner. i'm a believer in the second amendment. i know the amendment rather thoroughly. i know the issue of the well-regulated militia. but at the same timeresponsibil constitution and bill of rights to protect our people and with respect to assault rifles i see no need for bush mav in the hands of an individual person who might be deranged. go out toy range and fire a bushmaster. >> you can't push law abiding gun owners away. they have to be at the table. and you need to find out what their preference of protecting that. and what i would say to all of my friends that are nra and gun owners, that there's no way that they're going to take your second amendment rights away. that won't happen. >> let's get right to nbc news white house correspondent peter alexander. with another good day to you, peter. the vice president's going to be reporting his findings to the president tuesday. do we have an idea what he might be recommending? >> well, he sort of
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massacre is changing attitudes on capitol hill. >>> president obama sworn in for his second term next week. today preparations already are underway in the u.s. capital. the inauguration is expected to be smaller this year than it was in 2009 but will still fee he tour a star studded lineup and enthusiastic mood but tempered by high unemployment and a still faltering economy. if you are feeling tense, here is an idea gaining momentum. get out there and throw a snowball. thousands in seattle turning out for the largest ice slinging fight. the nation's most prominent implementing a new and controversial policy. the washington national cathedral will soon begin allowing same-sex marriages. the church will be among the first episcopal congregations to unemployment lement the new right of marriage. it care areries huge symbolism and advocates of traditional marriage say in their opinion it is the wrong move. joining us is john eastman and reverend gary hall dean of the national cathedral. we will be he begin the conversation with dean hall. thank you for joining us. why this decision, why now?
, not debt ceiling debate. >> long term discussions on social security can be on there yes. >> a couple weeks right -- >> right after nancy pelosi came out and said she would back something similar to what obama was backing which is a chained cpi to reduce payments and suddenly you weren't quite as vocal. we've been watching you and you weren't quite so vocal in your opposition to that. is that an indication that you would support something like that as part of the grand bargain? >> first i have deep respect for our leader nancy pelosi in the house. she has done remarkable things. she's allowed us to move forward on some of the biggest project this is country has before us. health care, affordable for all americans. climate change issues. the entire issue of trying to get the economy going when we were in the deppth of this great recession. so i have deep respect she was working with the president was trying to help us get to a long term solution, which i mentioned before. she said that she would consider the chained cpi which is a cut in benefits for seniors, for veterans, for a lot of folks
they fear president obama will place restrictions on weapons. vice-president joe biden is expected to deliver recommendations to help curb gun violence this week. >> family and friends held a memorial service for alyssa byrne, many wore pink, her favorite color her body was found in the snow. her burial will be private. >> france is on alert for a possible terrorist attack following military action in africa. french troops were on the move from the country of chad to mali france sent planes and troops to mali after an appeal from the president. the concern is the rebels could use mali as a base to attack the west. >>> across the country, people are piling into doctors offices, pharmacies and clinics, trying to get vaccinated to stay a step ahead of the flu epidemic. at the same time more and more hospitals are cracking down on health workers who are refusing flu shots. reporter: the flu epidemic sweeping the country is forcing more government action. new york governor andrew cuomo declared a public health emergency on saturday. the order allows pharmacists to immunize children. and
to washington, d.c. this week. thank you for being on the washington journal. >> tomorrow we'll discuss president obama's nominee for defense secretary chuck hagel. our guest are steve clemens followed by a look at emerging marths in developing countries. we'll discuss his book break out nations. washington journal, live at 7:00 eastern on c-span. >> if you ask how many themselves identify as lib tarnse. depending on which poll you look at you might get 10 to 15%. if you give people a battery of questions like do you believe in x or y and you track those, depending on which poll you are looking at you get as many as 30% of americans calling themselves libertarian. if you ask are you economically conservative but socially liberal you get half of americans saying that's what they are. just because people say these things doesn't mean they believe them. if you ask most americans do you want smaller government, they say yes. but then if you ask them to cut any particular item on the budget, they don't want to cut anything. so it's not clear if they really believe anytime. based on the best
. more than 42-hundred people were onboard the ship at the >> this week, vice president joe biden is expected to offer recommendations to president obama on ways to curb escalating gun violence in the u-s. as athena jones explains, religious groups are also at >> "you all know this is a complicated issue." >> reporter: gun control is front and center at the white house. and a matter of debate among christians. >> "there is a fascinating religious divide on the issue of gun control." a survey by the public institute-- conducted before stricter gun control laws, compared to about a third of white evangelical protestants and 42 percent of white mainline >> "it's just not about theology. it's also about culture and geography." the evangelicals are the most likely to own guns. many live in southern and rural areas where guns are a way of life. so what does the bible say about weapons? >> "scripture teaches that christians are not to take weapons and avenge other people. however, there is an affirmation that government has a divine role to punish evil doers." with polls showing increase
months. at&t. . >>> a day after meeting with afghan president hamid karzai, president obama said u.s. troops will be coming home ahead of schedule and that america's war in afghanistan will be wrapped up in 2014. >> this week we agreed that this spring, afghan forces will take the lead for security across the entire country. and our troops will shift to a support role. in the coming months, i will announce the next phase our draw-down and by the end of next year, america's war in afghanistan will be over. >> mr. obama praised the half million americans who have served in afghanistan, and acknowledged the 2000 military and civilian personnel who have lost their lives in the eleven years' of war. >>> in other news of the world, in mali, french troop as recoveried to support government's effort to retake the northern part of the country from groups linked to al-qaida. this video was shot yesterday as french soldiers prepared to to deploy from chad. they were there to stop the creation of a "terrorist state at the doorstep of france and europe." in syria, government troops reported t
're buying guns and ammunition because they fear president obama will place restrictions on weapons. vice-president joe biden is expected to deliver recommendations to help curb gun violence this week. >> family and friends held a memorial service for alyssa byrne, many wore pink, her favorite color her body was found in the snow. her burial will be private. >> france is on alert for a possible terrorist attack following military action in africa. french troops were on the move from the country of chad to mali france sent planes and troops to mali after an appeal from the president. the concern is the rebels could use mali as a base to attack the west. >>> across the country, people are piling into doctors offices, pharmacies and clinics, trying to get vaccinated to stay a step ahead of the flu epidemic. at the same time more and more hospitals are cracking down on health workers who are refusing flu shots. reporter: the flu epidemic sweeping the country is forcing more government action. new york governor andrew cuomo declared a public health emergency on saturday. the order allows pharm
. the fact of the matter is he was back working again within a matter of weeks. and it became evident to me in 2000 -- to early 2010 about a year after obama took office, three things happened. the first was -- it came from united states supreme court and i think no person in the united states that i can think of has benefited more from the supreme court then karl rove. two decisions. one in 2000 obviously was washed the gore which put his candidate in the white house and two, in 2010, citizens united decision. that opened the floodgates for contributions, unlimited contributions and in many cases from secret sources with no transparency whatsoever that is just unprecedented in history. the second thing that happened was running the republican party and it kind of ran into a ditch. he couldn't raise a dime and early in 2010 you may recall there was a revelation in los angeles that they republican national committee had been entertaining its donors at a strip club. and for the party of family values, this did not work too well so they could not raise a time. this gave wrote his opening, so i
to iraq and afghanistan with obama and it really angered mccain. >> governor barbour, one of the questions that andrea raised in discussions with us this week is how does somebody who has got such a tough relationship with republicans help this president lead big budget cut backs at the pentagon? won't that be tough on capitol hill? . >> it remains to be seen. he wasn't picked to improve the president's relationship with republicans. like general powell, not sure exactly why he was picked but as andrea said, normally, the presidents get their choices for the cabinet. these hearings, i think, will be contentious, particularly on iran, israel, hamas and hezbollah. we will see. i should tell you, chuck hagel and i have been friends since the mid'70s when we were young staffers. his wife was from meridian, mississippi. that maybe enough to help him. [ laughter ] but the fact of the matter is this is going to be about substance and about some things that are part of america's future and senator schumer i think put his finger on that. >> this is really though, mike, about the fights the presiden
. we did very little to stop them especially in 2010 under the obama's administration when they took a very hands-off attitude, basic a saying we are not really going to get involved in the outcome of the iraqi political debate. all week care about is having free and fair elections. to my mind, that is a mistake and it has proven to be a mistaken practice visits allowed essentially elements to seize power in iraq. it was not a mistake made by our forebears in the early days of the cold war. the true administration in the eisenhower administration did not take the attitude we don't care if communists come to power in france or italy or japan as long as they have fair elections. that's all we care about. that was not there today and that you are willing to do things such as covert funds and to those political campaigns which on some level might be seen as prejudicial to the interest of free and fair elections but they understood directly to be in the long-run interest of preserving democracy in most countries. i think we need to rethink some of the self-imposed checks we put on our beh
the arguments on sunday political talk shows. peter doocy has more on the plan expected to be unveiled this week. is the nra changing their tune on gun control? >> reporter: no, they are not. david keen is still steamed that obama administration is putting emphasis on it. he doesn't think he is tag their concerns seriously. >> we wish instead of talking about guns specifically that they question that they would address what can we do to prevent these kinds of things in the future. the evidence shows that an assault weapons ban are not going to do that. what will do it is doing something about a broken mental health system that allows people that potentially violent to be the streets. >> reporter: furthermore, the nra is making it clear they don't think there are enough members of congress that favor an assault weapons ban to pass one. >> gregg: it's quite the face-off. is the nra's position cautioning the gun control advocates to back down at all? >> no, some are wondering out loud how much clout they have in 2013. >> the nra spent a lot of money on the elections last cycle. they didn't have a l
we will have mild weather next week for the visitors coming for the second inauguration of president barack obama and vice president joe biden. because january 20 falls on a sunday, there will be a swearing-in ceremony by the vice president at his residence in washington and later at noon at the white house. we will have coverage of the formal ceremonies who live all day on january 21. a preview of the president's second term. nancy calo is keeping track of that. good morning. what do we have? >> on the talk shows, the topics include gun violence, the economy, and the war in afghanistan. all five programs reair on c- span reappeared today's guests include former secretary of state colin powell and haley barbour. also on the program and making the rounds on programs today, the west virginia senator. at 2:00, chris wallace six down with -- sits down with senators. larry pratt is the executive director of gun owners of america. candy crowley welcomes david keene, president of the n.r.a., senator murphy, and senator joe mentioned. at 4:00, bob schieffer talks with john mccain and joe man
, 10 million dollars, that's how much money the obama inauguration team is hyped its fund raising goal. the commit helped to raise 50 million for the ceremony just a week away. next, 460,000 dollars, that's how much this private three-acre florida island was listed for on ebay. the owner says he couldn't afford to build on it and put it up for auction. no one bid on the land. good luck. finally, 6,000, how many seattle residents took part in the world's largest snowball fight. about 162,000 pounds of snow were trucked in for the event. and it's now in the guinness book of world records. >> mike: another number for you, six, six commandments of get you back on the right back as far as your diet is concerned. >> alisyn: oh, good. you were vamping it's hard to know when my cue is. after the holidays overeating many of us making new years resolutions to lose weight. like a reset button, but sadly rarely works, but a way to pull it off in less than two weeks. >> mike: one of our good friends and a colleague, a news anchor for a station in new york city, fox 5, does a great job. a trained ch
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